The Joy

Well, I just figured I'd post about the very nice day I've had today...and also to let you know that I'm still alive and well :)

It didn't start out well, no sir. I had to work today, and work in a place full of something you're most probably allergic to is never fun. Especially not when you have to work longer than you usually do.

Things started to pick up when I got to the grocery store, where I always go before returning all the way home. I usually walk, but was able to find a drive home, giving me about a half-hour to finish up on the Internet before my dad got home. (He doesn't want me online while he's at home unless he's asleep, see.)

Now, yesterday night, I sent an e-mail to Serena asking when I could possibly call when I return to Miramichi on the top of September. What I wasn't expecting is for her to go on to tell me how much she's missed me this summer, and even that she loves me. Could I finally have found who I've been looking for?

Later that night, I headed over to the local ice cream shop, and met up with a bunch of very nice people. Usually I just get a milkshake and go, but I decided to join the chat, and it was quite pleasant. We pulled in the owner of the place and talked to half past closing. It was quite fun.

The neighbor soon after called about some internet connection problems, so I went to see. Apparently, Auto Update was downloading Service Pack 2. That'll give me something to do tomorrow :P

And then I closed up the day by watching The Amazing Race. In order to not reveal anything, all I'll say is that the team I'm pulling for did not finish last, though it was quite close.

So, that was today. Not a great first half, but a most excellent afternoon and evening. For once, I can go to sleep, truly happy of the day.

"Don't you worry about Planet Express. Let me worry about blank." -- Philip J. Fry, "Futurama"
Celebrating the release of the Futurama Volume 4 DVD set!

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