The Gaming

My, my. It's been a while, and it seems like nobody's visiting my blog anymore. I'd better post, huh? :)

Well, Serena's been getting her sleep lately. Unfortunately, most of the time, it's been when I've been trying to call her. Well, at least I get to hear her voice. Frankly, to call her just to hear her talk is worth it.

How about some game news? I've received MegaMan Network Transmission from Trade Games Now today. Quite a fun game. Take the Battle Chip system from MegaMan Battle Network, and the sidescrolling system from MegaMan X, and you've got yourself a fine GameCube game. Just a note: If you've watched MegaMan NT Warrior (the anime), you might pick up some tricks you can use in the MegaMan Network game series.

Pikmin! ...Yeah.

Well, how about Inner Space? Pretty old game, but it's still commercially available. You play inside your computer, collecting icons for programs on your hard drive. Any DLLs or EXEs you have will be counted. If any of them have no icons, one will be made. You need to get all the icons as well as four secret upgrades to finish the game. Unfortunately, if you plan to finish the game at all, you have to buy it. Oh well.

I'm soon going to submit my game to the Game Design Review Board. Let's hope it passes. Until then, this is Kewlio, saying... "This is Kewlio."

"This is Kewlio." -- Kewlio (yes, I am this bored)


The Heart

Ah, what a day. Didn't start so well, but got better as it went on.

First off, my Palm is now b0rked. It still seems to work, as I was able to HotSync it (back up all data to the computer), but it has no more video capability. I'll try to get it fixed. Maybe my friend Dave can fix it, I don't know.

But the day got better as I got to the college. I went in a couple of hours early, so I could see what my friends were up to. I caught Dave working on his graphics framework for PS2 Linux. He's trying to get more than one texture to load, but the PS2 crashes when he tries it.

I went to see Darren, our main Game Design teacher. He was in his office, playing Fable. I sat down, and watched the game, and he talked a bit about how it works and such. Very interesting. That's the nice thing about taking Game Design; playing any type of game can be educational! :)

We learned some various AI techniques and such today. Darren proved to us that people in "The Sims" series are dumber than a bottle cap. The game mostly uses "Smart Terrain", which actually gets objects to tell the Sims what they do and how to "invoke" them. That's how they got in so many expansion packs.

And I returned home, wasted about seven hours, and phoned up Serena once again. I unfortunately had awakened her from a nap, but it was still our chance to actually exchange our first spoken "I love you"s. It's quite nice. I don't know why I didn't do it before. Probably it's just the thing that I've never had anyone to say it to before, excluding my own family. It'll probably get easier to say it from here on.

Interesting news... The door from the bathroom here where I live actually broke today. I don't know what happened; I think the guy who was in there tried to open it in the opposite way that it should have been opened or something. Another guy from the house fixed it, but the point stands that we need a new bathroom door. Nobody likes the one we have now, anyway... I think the only issue is the small amount of room that the door would have to move in. A sliding door would be convenient.

More interesting news... Some guys from the college are conducting the third of a series we call "The Whopper Challenge". Quite intriguing business, that. A group of them will, this Friday, go to the local Burger King and order as many Whopper Jrs. as they possibly can in one single order. The first one resulted in an order of about 75 Whopper Jrs., and the second one went a bit over 100. This time, their goal is "Breakin' a Case" (about 230) of Whopper Jrs. I'm not participating, but I wish them luck, and certainly do support this endeavor :)

Oh, and lilmar has a chatterbox on her blog. Go check it out. I posted in it. :P

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." -- Plato


The Everwaking

I feel so sorry for Serena now... I learned today that she's become insomniac since a few days ago. I certainly hope that she can get over it, as insomnia really takes its toll on a person pretty fast. She's been under a lot of stress from her studies lately, and I believe that's what's causing it. So, I just told her that she needs to take it easy.

Oh, I just wish I could be there with her... It's probably just my being naturally caring and protective to the ones I love... And I do love her, very much...

In other news, I've seen Burnout 3 in play today. It's fun to play, just as fun to watch. Lots of crashes. Car crashes. That's what a lot of the game is about. Of course, you have the race modes too.

I guess I don't feel like saying much about it right now. I was gonna post and talk about it yesterday, but I didn't, and now I have this news about Serena. I hope she's all right...

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength." -- Ralph W. Sockman


The Channel

Well, I feel like posting, but have nothing to report upon. So, I've decided to talk about the regulars on #SimGames, the IRC channel on UnderNet that I frequent most every day.

Let's see... Let's start with Kevin Stange, aka SimGuy, the reason I go there in the first place. He's a webbie (webmaster), and the founder of #SimGames. I first met him through a now obsolete feature of ICQ called the ActiveList, which he also founded and maintained. He's an active member in the production of the Gaim instant messenger client. He is also co-developing SimBot, a Perl-based IRC chat-bot, with another regular of the channel.

FourOhFour is this other regular. He also has a website, with a seldom-updated blog. Sometimes, he's something of a wise guy, somewhat stuck-up, but most of the time, he's all right. He often assists in the kicking of the mischievous regular of the channel.

Steve Bularca, aka SteveB, is this mischievous regular. And quite frankly, the foulest mouth in the channel. He very often gets kicked by ops and half-ops, and occasionally banned for a few hours, for his "disturbing" views and overuse of bad language. However, when he calms down, he can be a good, mature person. He has feelings, just like anyone else :) Yet another webbie in our channel.

Rand Huck is pretty much the excitable one of the group. At least, that's what I get from him, judging from his reactions to the start of the weekly Friday Night Chat. ("FNC! FNC!") Can't seem to say very much about this guy, though. Can't think of a thing :P There's always that mysterious one, I guess.

Leons Petrazickis, aka LeoPetr, is, as far as I can tell, the one with the artistic soul of the channel. He is a Deviant, and has a blog (see sidebar), in which he usually will make HUGE posts at a time. They're quite something to read. There seems to be something between Leo and one of the female regulars, but I don't think it's anything serious.

Emily Mathison, aka lilmar, is this female regular. Quite the playful one, at that. Always fun to have around, and especially in our IRC chat. It's kinda too bad for her that she's still single at 24. Surprising that such a fun-loving woman would be alone. Well, I'm sure she won't be alone forever.

gleffler is. So is billobob.

These two guys appear rather sporadically, the latter more so than the former. It's fun to hear their random and usually pointless outbursts.

Marietta Hunter, aka etta, less regular though she is, still comes by every so often, to tell us the interesting stories of her life. I mean, maybe she doesn't climb the mountains or fly across the world to tell us stories from afar, but still, she most usually has interesting stuff to say.

goatz, our latest regular, is the real artist of the group. Her personal website is full of really great-looking artwork. She could practically make some money off commissions for this art. If you will look a couple of posts down (the first EXTRA post), you can find a link for a great picture she drew, based on some information I gave her.

KewlioMZX is, well, me. :P

So, that's about it for the regulars. If one of the aforementioned happens to read this and want what I said about you changed or removed, just tell me and I'll do so. I'll try to make my post pertinent to myself next time :P

"The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession." -- Mark Twain


The Insanity

Well, here I am, last day without any need to do anything important. Except, of course call Serena... But she's already started her post-secondary studies, and she was too busy to talk today. I'm usually gonna try to call her up most every day, and if anything important (that is not too personal) comes up, I'll let you know.

I've spent most of the day playing Insaniquarium. You can find it at PopCap Games. Really fun Arcade-style game, in which you must feed fish. Sounds simple? Not so much. You also must fend off aliens that randomly and for no apparent reason appear in your tank. Run out of fish and the game is over. It's quite fun, especially the Deluxe edition. That one comes with a screen saver, for which you can buy fish and treat them as virtual pets.

As I was saying, this is the last unimportant day I'll have in a while, excluding weekends. The college will be open to all students tomorrow, and I must go and resume my Game Design work.

Tell ya what... I'm making a game in Game Design this year. Maybe I'll let you in on it, if I can find a place to put it. I only say "maybe" right now, though. If I don't, don't start complaining about it :P

Anyhow, still one hour of slacking before The Amazing Race. Go Karen and Linda! :D

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity." -- Albert Einstein


EXTRA: The Picture / The Summon

goatz has finished making a picture of the "drawn" Serena I mentioned last time. Here is the link. Doesn't look that much like Thrie's rendition, but it's certainly a good job.

By the way, is anyone reading this blog? If so, speak up! Leave your comments ^-^

That is all. (Extras will have no quote)

The Return

Hmm... Yes, I knew I was supposed to post yesterday. However, I wanted to post about my conversation with Serena, which had to be rescheduled due to high latency in my plans. But, I have talked to her today.

We caught up to each other, talked about our summers, and what's going on. She got this new online game, Lineage 2. She's doing quite well, already at level 37. Seems that Dark Elves have a bad name in this game, though. Many male players tend to take female Dark Elves and make them act like, let's just say. This is a bad thing for Serena, as she plays as a Dark Elf. Well, as one of my friends might say, "People suck."

However, after all was said and done and she went on to complete her homework, I had forgotten to say "I love you". What an idiot I am. If I am to live up to these words, I must learn to say them. I also need to know if I will hear them back. It's easier to write some things than it is to say the same.

Hmm... I read the online journal of a friend of mine... It would seem that there was this one girl who he had befriended for quite a while... However, he started to feel something towards her. He acted on those feelings, but she apparently did not take these advances well. At the end, she just kind of turned her back on him.

I guess it just goes to show you, when it comes to love, you must be very careful. So far, it's been good between me and Serena. I was successful in telling her how I feel, having received a response in kind. But it might still be a long time before I find myself face to face with her. I hope it works out... But if she wants to break it off, I'll have to accept it.

Oh, and if that friend is reading this (you'll probably realize who you are), don't erase her from your life completely. If she tells you to stop this and that, do so, but otherwise, I suggest you not forget her, even after what happened.

In other news, I finally have my hands on Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (both PSX), which I have received through Trade Games Now (link on right). I've already finished Lunar:SSSC, but am playing through it again, after which I'll take a go on Lunar:EBC. Not to endorse emulation, but ePSXe seems to treat Lunar fairly well, despite a few graphical glitches. Heh, I'd use my PSX, but it's being mean.

~ Now all I need, <desperately> ~ Is my star to come... ~ -- Luna, "Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete" (singing "Wind's Nocturne" aka "The Boat Song")


The Eve

So... Here I am, less than 24 hours before I finally get to call Serena again. Am I nervous? Hell, yeah. But I've been looking forward to this moment all summer long. I don't know what I'm going to say, but whatever it is, I hope I don't screw anything up. I have a tendency of saying things too fast, and not meaning exactly what I said. Well, we can only hope it'll work out for the best.

This, of course, means my return to Miramichi, the college city as it is, is also in less than 24 hours. This, in turn, means that I'll be connected to the Internet a lot more. :) Joy.

In other news, I have asked goatz, one of the regulars on #SimGames, to draw a picture of a character that I had designed. My friend Thrie was the first to actually draw her along with her boyfriend. Respectively, their names are Serena (total coincidence from the Serena I always talk about, I had designed this one long before I met her) and Azure. Looking at goatz' stuff, I'm quite interested to see what she'll come up with.

So...yeah. I'll post again tomorrow night.

"Brannigan's Law is like Brannigan's Love. Hard! And Fast!" -- Zapp Brannigan, "Futurama" (yes, again)