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Well, I feel like posting, but have nothing to report upon. So, I've decided to talk about the regulars on #SimGames, the IRC channel on UnderNet that I frequent most every day.

Let's see... Let's start with Kevin Stange, aka SimGuy, the reason I go there in the first place. He's a webbie (webmaster), and the founder of #SimGames. I first met him through a now obsolete feature of ICQ called the ActiveList, which he also founded and maintained. He's an active member in the production of the Gaim instant messenger client. He is also co-developing SimBot, a Perl-based IRC chat-bot, with another regular of the channel.

FourOhFour is this other regular. He also has a website, with a seldom-updated blog. Sometimes, he's something of a wise guy, somewhat stuck-up, but most of the time, he's all right. He often assists in the kicking of the mischievous regular of the channel.

Steve Bularca, aka SteveB, is this mischievous regular. And quite frankly, the foulest mouth in the channel. He very often gets kicked by ops and half-ops, and occasionally banned for a few hours, for his "disturbing" views and overuse of bad language. However, when he calms down, he can be a good, mature person. He has feelings, just like anyone else :) Yet another webbie in our channel.

Rand Huck is pretty much the excitable one of the group. At least, that's what I get from him, judging from his reactions to the start of the weekly Friday Night Chat. ("FNC! FNC!") Can't seem to say very much about this guy, though. Can't think of a thing :P There's always that mysterious one, I guess.

Leons Petrazickis, aka LeoPetr, is, as far as I can tell, the one with the artistic soul of the channel. He is a Deviant, and has a blog (see sidebar), in which he usually will make HUGE posts at a time. They're quite something to read. There seems to be something between Leo and one of the female regulars, but I don't think it's anything serious.

Emily Mathison, aka lilmar, is this female regular. Quite the playful one, at that. Always fun to have around, and especially in our IRC chat. It's kinda too bad for her that she's still single at 24. Surprising that such a fun-loving woman would be alone. Well, I'm sure she won't be alone forever.

gleffler is. So is billobob.

These two guys appear rather sporadically, the latter more so than the former. It's fun to hear their random and usually pointless outbursts.

Marietta Hunter, aka etta, less regular though she is, still comes by every so often, to tell us the interesting stories of her life. I mean, maybe she doesn't climb the mountains or fly across the world to tell us stories from afar, but still, she most usually has interesting stuff to say.

goatz, our latest regular, is the real artist of the group. Her personal website is full of really great-looking artwork. She could practically make some money off commissions for this art. If you will look a couple of posts down (the first EXTRA post), you can find a link for a great picture she drew, based on some information I gave her.

KewlioMZX is, well, me. :P

So, that's about it for the regulars. If one of the aforementioned happens to read this and want what I said about you changed or removed, just tell me and I'll do so. I'll try to make my post pertinent to myself next time :P

"The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession." -- Mark Twain

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