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My, my. It's been a while, and it seems like nobody's visiting my blog anymore. I'd better post, huh? :)

Well, Serena's been getting her sleep lately. Unfortunately, most of the time, it's been when I've been trying to call her. Well, at least I get to hear her voice. Frankly, to call her just to hear her talk is worth it.

How about some game news? I've received MegaMan Network Transmission from Trade Games Now today. Quite a fun game. Take the Battle Chip system from MegaMan Battle Network, and the sidescrolling system from MegaMan X, and you've got yourself a fine GameCube game. Just a note: If you've watched MegaMan NT Warrior (the anime), you might pick up some tricks you can use in the MegaMan Network game series.

Pikmin! ...Yeah.

Well, how about Inner Space? Pretty old game, but it's still commercially available. You play inside your computer, collecting icons for programs on your hard drive. Any DLLs or EXEs you have will be counted. If any of them have no icons, one will be made. You need to get all the icons as well as four secret upgrades to finish the game. Unfortunately, if you plan to finish the game at all, you have to buy it. Oh well.

I'm soon going to submit my game to the Game Design Review Board. Let's hope it passes. Until then, this is Kewlio, saying... "This is Kewlio."

"This is Kewlio." -- Kewlio (yes, I am this bored)

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