The Heart

Ah, what a day. Didn't start so well, but got better as it went on.

First off, my Palm is now b0rked. It still seems to work, as I was able to HotSync it (back up all data to the computer), but it has no more video capability. I'll try to get it fixed. Maybe my friend Dave can fix it, I don't know.

But the day got better as I got to the college. I went in a couple of hours early, so I could see what my friends were up to. I caught Dave working on his graphics framework for PS2 Linux. He's trying to get more than one texture to load, but the PS2 crashes when he tries it.

I went to see Darren, our main Game Design teacher. He was in his office, playing Fable. I sat down, and watched the game, and he talked a bit about how it works and such. Very interesting. That's the nice thing about taking Game Design; playing any type of game can be educational! :)

We learned some various AI techniques and such today. Darren proved to us that people in "The Sims" series are dumber than a bottle cap. The game mostly uses "Smart Terrain", which actually gets objects to tell the Sims what they do and how to "invoke" them. That's how they got in so many expansion packs.

And I returned home, wasted about seven hours, and phoned up Serena once again. I unfortunately had awakened her from a nap, but it was still our chance to actually exchange our first spoken "I love you"s. It's quite nice. I don't know why I didn't do it before. Probably it's just the thing that I've never had anyone to say it to before, excluding my own family. It'll probably get easier to say it from here on.

Interesting news... The door from the bathroom here where I live actually broke today. I don't know what happened; I think the guy who was in there tried to open it in the opposite way that it should have been opened or something. Another guy from the house fixed it, but the point stands that we need a new bathroom door. Nobody likes the one we have now, anyway... I think the only issue is the small amount of room that the door would have to move in. A sliding door would be convenient.

More interesting news... Some guys from the college are conducting the third of a series we call "The Whopper Challenge". Quite intriguing business, that. A group of them will, this Friday, go to the local Burger King and order as many Whopper Jrs. as they possibly can in one single order. The first one resulted in an order of about 75 Whopper Jrs., and the second one went a bit over 100. This time, their goal is "Breakin' a Case" (about 230) of Whopper Jrs. I'm not participating, but I wish them luck, and certainly do support this endeavor :)

Oh, and lilmar has a chatterbox on her blog. Go check it out. I posted in it. :P

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." -- Plato

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