The Return

Hmm... Yes, I knew I was supposed to post yesterday. However, I wanted to post about my conversation with Serena, which had to be rescheduled due to high latency in my plans. But, I have talked to her today.

We caught up to each other, talked about our summers, and what's going on. She got this new online game, Lineage 2. She's doing quite well, already at level 37. Seems that Dark Elves have a bad name in this game, though. Many male players tend to take female Dark Elves and make them act like, let's just say. This is a bad thing for Serena, as she plays as a Dark Elf. Well, as one of my friends might say, "People suck."

However, after all was said and done and she went on to complete her homework, I had forgotten to say "I love you". What an idiot I am. If I am to live up to these words, I must learn to say them. I also need to know if I will hear them back. It's easier to write some things than it is to say the same.

Hmm... I read the online journal of a friend of mine... It would seem that there was this one girl who he had befriended for quite a while... However, he started to feel something towards her. He acted on those feelings, but she apparently did not take these advances well. At the end, she just kind of turned her back on him.

I guess it just goes to show you, when it comes to love, you must be very careful. So far, it's been good between me and Serena. I was successful in telling her how I feel, having received a response in kind. But it might still be a long time before I find myself face to face with her. I hope it works out... But if she wants to break it off, I'll have to accept it.

Oh, and if that friend is reading this (you'll probably realize who you are), don't erase her from your life completely. If she tells you to stop this and that, do so, but otherwise, I suggest you not forget her, even after what happened.

In other news, I finally have my hands on Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (both PSX), which I have received through Trade Games Now (link on right). I've already finished Lunar:SSSC, but am playing through it again, after which I'll take a go on Lunar:EBC. Not to endorse emulation, but ePSXe seems to treat Lunar fairly well, despite a few graphical glitches. Heh, I'd use my PSX, but it's being mean.

~ Now all I need, <desperately> ~ Is my star to come... ~ -- Luna, "Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete" (singing "Wind's Nocturne" aka "The Boat Song")

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