The Forty-Third Chronicle

A new blog has been created. It'll be solely to post 43 Things entries, and I might add a few extra points sometimes. Check it out. It's on the sidebar.

"Not all who wander are lost." -- J.R.R. Tolkien

The Antagonists

Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother trying to talk to people.

The people on this one IRC channel are just 98% jerks. I just want to be a part of the conversation, and all they can do is attack me. I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't offend anyone. (At least, not that I'm aware of.) All I want to do is try to talk to people, and they just make themselves completely untalkable to.

Quote from said channel:
--snip-- >> KewlioMZX: you suck all the life out of the channel when you are in it. you have the sense of humour of a dead cat. you are incredibly annopying and pestering. you are infuriatingly stupid... i could go on and on and on and on and on...

I just wish I didn't have to be alone in real life... Then I wouldn't need to talk to these online jerks.

Other news... Had a job at a theatre. Had to leave it, couldn't pay rent. Now got a job at a call centre. That's all. Don't feel like leaving a quote.


The Visit

OK, it's been a long time since I've posted. Here we go.

The biggest news I want to talk about is my visit to Halifax. It was so much fun, I really have no idea how to describe it! :P

I had told Sally that I'd be visiting her, one way or another, on her birthday. Now, that was quite a while ago, and I wasn't really thinking about it until the few days before I actually had to go. I was very nervous, as I ended up having to hitchhike. It took me 13 hours to get there, and I ended up having to take a taxi once I got near enough. Actually, two. The first got me to town, but couldn't find the place I was looking for, so I didn't have to pay. The second got me to Sally's place.

Once I got there, I was greeted by Sally and her friend Gin watching Police Academy 3. She was quite happy that I made it. And so was I, because (I forgot to mention) I had packed way too heavily for this trip. Anyway, I got to stay there for about four days, and I enjoyed every minute.

On the first day there, I was shown around the town a bit. I didn't see too much on just that first day, but it got me used to the hustle and bustle of Halifax. I went to see another movie at the house of one of Sally's friends. An independant film called D.E.B.S. (Look it up if you want to know more, this post is already gonna be pretty long.)

On the second day, I was shown around Halifax some more. We ended up at a place called Freak Lunchbox, which is a candy store. I didn't think those actually existed before I went there. It's exciting just to be inside! We also went down to the waterfront, and I got to (read: was dragged to) climb the big wave sculpture they have there. That night, I got my first taste of cuddling in bed. Nothing too serious, but quite divine nonetheless :)

On the third day, Sally and Gin brought me to see Merlin, who is a tarot reader. I got my cards read; basically, what I have right now, though it may not be very profitable now, will be later. There were, of course, several subtleties to the reading, but I won't go into everything. On this day, I said that if I had to hitchhike alone again, I'd probably end up taking the bus instead. That's when Sally agreed to come with me. Yay!

Gin left on the fourth day, and Sally and I ended up mostly playing video games. Nothing much to be said.

The fifth day was spent traveling back from Halifax to Miramichi. Took only 8 and a half hours that time, and it was certainly much less lonely.

The rest of the time, I may as well summarize in bulk, as nothing much happened. Miramichi is rather boring. In this time, we watched a total of five movies (one theatre (The Brothers Grimm), four DVDs), played some GameCube and SNES games, and other random stuff. She must've been bored out of her mind, really :P

She left today, at 1:30. I actually got the nerve to give her a goodbye kiss. It wasn't anything romantic, but I actually did it. I look back at that moment and smile, and probably will for a long while.

Anyway, here I am again, on my own... But not so lonely this time.

"No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence." -- George Eliot


The Revolution

No, this is not about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console. Go drool over it here.

I'm talking about the deviantART revolution. This is happening because for some unknown reason, Jark (our fearless leader) got canned by spyed (our fearful backstabber leader). Yeah, deviantART is still running, but Jark, along with matteo, brought us deviantART, and all of a sudden, they get shoved overboard. Now, doesn't this seem suspicious to you?

This page shows a deleted journal entry which gives us insight as to why spyed did what he did, but still, only very few people know what actually happened. Doesn't this seem so much like something out of a TV show or video game? Well, now it's real. So, I suggest to everyone on deviantART to not submit any further deviations until this whole deal is settled. If you want to go even further, if Jark's not back before August 7th (deviantART's birthday), or if spyed's (hopefully eventual) explanation is totally unreasonable, delete deviations that are already on your account. (Yes, that's taking it a bit extreme, and I personally won't be doing it. Just a suggestion.)

I don't have much news about myself, except that I was not able to find a job in this cursed town, so I'll have to go home for the month of August. If only I hadn't failed that Stages of Stupid course...

As well as supporting Jark and matteo, do remember to support my friend Sally as well! (Check the sidebar.)

"The first duty of a human being is to assume the right functional relationship to society -- more briefly, to find your real job, and do it." -- Charlotte Perkins Gillman

EDIT: I've just been enlightened on a feature of deviantART I wasn't aware of; the Storage Room. Go here and hide your deviations instead of deleting them, when the time is right.


The Segue

I never did tell you what I had gotten Serena as her birthday gift. It was a small plush Vivi doll. About as tall as a Nintendo DS is wide.

I haven't seen Sally online at all for over a week, now. Last I heard, she was moving over to Halifax. Most of her stuff was down there. I just hope she's still all right.

I've been looking for a job lately, but for every resumé I have sent, I have gotten absolutely nothing. No turnaways, no interviews, no anything. This really sucks. I may not be going to Oklahoma, but I am planning a short trip before college, and with no money, there can be no trip.

I'll probably be putting up some Deviations today sometime. If I remember to. I have several pretty clouds I could show the world.

There are a bunch of strangers staying in the house this week. I haven't seen any of them yet, I've been avoiding them. No particular reason, I just want to see how long I can avoid them. It's been two days. They've been weekdays, though, so I don't know how the weekend will turn out.

I've been playing lots of games and chatting lately. I've been in front of this screen so long, I'm probably getting a tan. I really have no life. I wish I had done more stuff with the college guys when I had the chance. But I guess I've chosen the life of G-Prime. And so...

"Don't you realize this is Star Wars vs. Star Trek? A band of rebel X-Wing fighters versus... I don't know, some Star Trek crap where they save a bunch of crap lousy whales." -- Justin "Gimpy" Taylor aka G-Prime, UnderGRADS


The Continuation is over. She's gone now, and I am single again.

However, I think it might have been the right thing. She did something I didn't have the courage to do, for a reason that I didn't have the will to think of (she says we'd both be happier). At first, I completely disagreed with it, but now I think she might have been on to something. I might have found someone else... I'll let you know when I'm certain. Sure thing is, she's much closer on the map than Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, I'll talk about the new people I've met lately, in a new channel on UnderNet, #maritimes. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to stick (though I sure hope it does), but I've still met them, and that's the important thing.

First, there's Sally. She's a very interesting girl from Nova Scotia. She's a fur, a wolf to be precise. Unfortunately, life hasn't treated her well. She has several disorders, and to make things worse, she, uh... has the wrong equipment down there. Sure, there are those who think this isn't a bad thing, but most of them are guys and just don't understand what an encumbrance that thing is for them, to have what's just not supposed to be there. Anyway, I've put up a donation link for surgery to get it removed, as well as her full story and blog on the sidebar.

Second is Erin. A very fun New Brunswickan girl, who seems to be able to tap into a source of eternal happiness at first glance. Of course, this isn't true, but it sure looks like it. She came over to visit a short while ago, and I've found that she's very pleasant to be with.

There are others, but they're just plain not there enough of the time to mention. :P

Anyway... It's gonna be hard forgetting Serena, but I am still young, and already have found someone else, so I'm not lost yet.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." -- Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

Note: I've started a new blog, Gamer's Day. It consists entirely of game reviews. Check it out every so often.


The Cutoff

I fear it might be over. No more Serena. She's always busy. I haven't given up, but she just told me she wants to.

That's all I got. If you want more, go look at my stuff on DeviantArt.


The Update

Okay, well, I know I haven't been around for a while. Point is, nothing was happening. Nada. ...Okay, some stuff did happen. Such as this...

Serena's been extremely busy lately, but now that her finals are done, her free time should increase a lot. I did get the chance to tell her that I'd sent off her birthday gift. To say the least, she sounded quite surprised. I can't wait until I hear her open it :)

I got a new digital camera. It's quite a nice camera, too. 5.1 Mpx thing. I'm using it in my new course that has nothing to do with game design. (Need it to graduate; missing an elective.) We have an assignment which involves taking pictures with different aspects. Proves to have interesting results.

Demonic Psychosis is going along pretty good. We have the basic game structure down, and our resident genius is putting in NPC movement as I write this. It's getting quite impressive, for a seven-month job :P

I'm now an eBay seller. Look me up, why don't ya? User name is virtustar. You can look at my auctions by following the link on the sidebar, or searching by seller on the eBay website. Come on, you know you want to feed a starving college student...

I'm still waiting for that passport. Didn't get any news from the passport office, but I did notice the charge on my credit card that I had authorized to them. Hopefully, I can get it soon, I want to get my passport early enough to make sure I can get to Oklahoma...

Orange clouds are purty.

All right, well, I can't really think of anything else to mention now... I'll let you go with yet another quote.

"It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays." -- Arthur Dent, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (movie)


The Passport

Well, I've begun the process that will eventually get me to Oklahoma. I've filled out a passport application with all of the information I need...except my weight. So I fouled it up. Thus, I need to wait until it gets there, then through, then back again, so I can repair it. That's gonna take a while.

Meanwhile, only one day remains in this term, and it's basically just a two-hour class of looking at people's Pocket PC games and such that we made for one of our courses. Then, the term will end. Happy day.

This term, I've had no classes in the afternoon. Next term, all of them are in the afternoon, and I have all mornings off. That's going to be a relief... No waking up late for class.

Anyway, I should be going. Don't want to miss my last class of the term, now...

"That which does not kill you makes you stronger." -- Neitzsche


The Break

Okay... Maybe that was a bit much... But seeing as one of them did make an offensive comment on Serena, I still do want an apology. Meanwhile, maybe I will do some work, especially now that I've talked to the project manager.

So, let's pick up on personal news, shall we?

March Break has just ended. That means I can call Serena again, right? Nope... Spring Break has hit the States. Thus, I have to wait a whole 'nother week to call. Sucky...

However, I do have a birthday gift for her. I'm not going to divulge that information, as she might be reading. I'm not sure if it'll be a hit or a miss, but there's really just one way to find out...okay, two ways, I could ask her, but if she's not around, I can't really do so.

Played a bit of Hold'em. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to hold 'em long enough. Of three games, I finished third of three twice, and second once. Bleh. I need more practice. At least we weren't playing for money. However, I may be soon, and I'll keep you posted.

I saw three kitties today. Mew mew mew.

...Seeing as that's the best I can do right now, I'm probably out of mews--er, news. Kitties.

"I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior." -- Hippolyte Taine


Attn: Delusional Studios (if you do read this)

If you are not of Delusional Studios, you don't need to read this post.

Well, it would seem as if some of the members of my college development team have stumbled upon my blog. It might interest you to know that until I get an apology in person from each of you except our project manager, I will not do any further work on our project. I don't care if that means I'm out of the group, I don't care if that means I fail Product Development. I have as much right as anyone to work in an environment of respect, and I've been disrespected by everyone in our group except the project manager. Think about that, and I expect to hear from all of you on Monday.

Quite frankly, I write in this blog because NOBODY LISTENS TO ME, or if they would, all they would do is laugh. I didn't intend for anyone I knew in real life to read this stuff, because this is exactly what I thought would happen.

No quote today.


The Birthday

I'm now twenty.


A Sunday night twenty years ago, I caught my first breath. Looking back, I haven't accomplished very much. Especially in the area of love. I didn't have my first crush until I was 16, and I didn't get my first relationship until 19. I haven't had my first kiss, never went out on a date, never anything. Granted, it wasn't a complete waste, but still mostly unproductive. Even my current relationship has and can have no physical anything, unless I can stretch my hands out two thousand miles...

No? OK...

I looked up trip prices on They have a flight to Oklahoma, residence there, everything I need. Unfortunately, what I'm missing is money. I need $1,700 CAD and I have $625 in the Fund. Bit of a problem, is it? $1,200 is for getting and staying there for a week, and $500 is for entertaining Serena. It sucks.

Well... Let's hope that the twenty-year period between March 3rd, 2005 and March 3rd, 2025 is more productive than the last...


The Mystery - Update

Little update... I just came back from the Post Office to "cash in" my Delivery Notice. So, I got there, passed it in, signed for it, and got a package. I opened it and it was...


Iiiiiitttttt... waaaaaaaaaaaaas...

The most unlikely thing I thought would come in... Import Mr. Driller. (Great, now I have to walk backwards tomorrow...)

Regardless, I appreciated it coming in. I got the game, it works on my DS, and I even got a Mr. Driller pouch with it. I have to go game shopping in Japan someday... :) Anyhow, just wanted to let you wonderful readers know what I got.


The Mystery

Oh, my, my, my. I got a Delivery Notice today. That means I may be getting some "lost mail" tomorrow. I'm waiting on two packages, if you recall; the big TGN trade including four GBA games coming my way, or Serena's Christmas gift. It may also be some yet upcoming mail, like the copy of Mr. Driller that I (finally) got ordered, but I'm hoping it's one of the former.

Let's have a recap... This Trade Games Now trade has been waiting for about two months about now. It contains Sonic Advance, Sonic Battle, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Gradius Galaxies. Both the trader in question and I are getting very impatient on the completion of this trade, and it'd be a great relief to see that it's finally done.

On the other hand, Serena is very special to me. I would love to have this Christmas gift she sent me, whether it's a picture or a set of blank CDs, it's her way of showing that she cares about me just as I do about her. Definitely, if only one of these packages should come in, I'd rather it be this one.

And then, there's Mr. Driller... Whee. The first Japanese game that I own. I don't think that it's this one coming in. It would probably have come in normally. If this is what's coming in tomorrow, I'll spend Wednesday walking backwards all day. Besides, it's certainly not priority. I already have North American Mr. Driller, and this Japanese game is certainly not as important as a gift from my beloved, or a two-month-late trade.

So, here I am, waiting by the clock for the package to get to the Post Office. What will it be...?

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." -- Eden Phillpotts


The Anger

A whole week I've had to talk to her. She had no classes this past week. She was at home most of the time. She even said on Wednesday that on Thursday, she would be completely free. I hardly know what she meant by that. I haven't had two minutes to talk to her. Not even one minute. Nothing. And she's starting class next week, so that's even less time I'll have to talk to her.

PayPal has locked my bank account from my PP account. Why? I thought they hadn't given me those "small, less-than-a-dollar" deposits that they said they'd sent me. I tried to guess, and now they won't let me use my stupid bank account, which I need to buy an import Mr. Driller DS. I check my bank account after this guess, and there they were. Now what the hell was that? How was I supposed to know this info when I only got it after I could use it?

And I thought that being in college would mean more mature people. Hah. Everyone is still making fun of me, and I'm really beginning to get pissed off at these people.

In fact, right now, I'm angry at everything. Nothing is going right. I'm still waiting for that package from TGN. I'm still waiting for Serena's gift. I'm still waiting for Serena herself. I'm waiting for everything, and getting nothing but what I don't want. I want to do something about it, but there's nothing I can do. If I yell at the post office, they'll turn me away. If I yell at Serena, she'll cry and stop loving me. If I yell at the guys at the college, they won't care and probably make things worse. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Someone help me out here...

(no quote)


The Ripoff

I am pissed.

Yet another case of Japan thinking we're stupid. At least, that's what I figure. I recently got "Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits" (NDS), which is a pretty good game by itself. However, there are so many missing features. Most importantly, they ripped out the best character in the game, Usagi (Rabbit).

Now why in the hell do they do these things? This is definitely not the first time they do this, and it sure won't be the last. They've cheaped us out of the Dristone stages, they've cheaped us out of single-cart multplayer mode, they've cheaped us out of the extra Mission Driller stage, and they've cheaped us out of Usagi. This is really getting old.

Now, if I want these extra features, I have to get an imported version of the game. That won't be fun. You don't find those just anywhere. So...yeah. If only we could do something to actually stop this cheaping out. But no, it won't happen.

Speaking of getting cheaped out, I still haven't received a package I was expecting from a user on Trade Games Now (which he supposedly sent about two months ago), and I still haven't received that Christmas gift from Serena. Stupid mail service. Well, let's hope either one gets here soon (preferably the latter).

(I know I've used this one before, but...)
"If anyone needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome!" -- Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Futurama