The Mystery

Oh, my, my, my. I got a Delivery Notice today. That means I may be getting some "lost mail" tomorrow. I'm waiting on two packages, if you recall; the big TGN trade including four GBA games coming my way, or Serena's Christmas gift. It may also be some yet upcoming mail, like the copy of Mr. Driller that I (finally) got ordered, but I'm hoping it's one of the former.

Let's have a recap... This Trade Games Now trade has been waiting for about two months about now. It contains Sonic Advance, Sonic Battle, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Gradius Galaxies. Both the trader in question and I are getting very impatient on the completion of this trade, and it'd be a great relief to see that it's finally done.

On the other hand, Serena is very special to me. I would love to have this Christmas gift she sent me, whether it's a picture or a set of blank CDs, it's her way of showing that she cares about me just as I do about her. Definitely, if only one of these packages should come in, I'd rather it be this one.

And then, there's Mr. Driller... Whee. The first Japanese game that I own. I don't think that it's this one coming in. It would probably have come in normally. If this is what's coming in tomorrow, I'll spend Wednesday walking backwards all day. Besides, it's certainly not priority. I already have North American Mr. Driller, and this Japanese game is certainly not as important as a gift from my beloved, or a two-month-late trade.

So, here I am, waiting by the clock for the package to get to the Post Office. What will it be...?

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The Anger

A whole week I've had to talk to her. She had no classes this past week. She was at home most of the time. She even said on Wednesday that on Thursday, she would be completely free. I hardly know what she meant by that. I haven't had two minutes to talk to her. Not even one minute. Nothing. And she's starting class next week, so that's even less time I'll have to talk to her.

PayPal has locked my bank account from my PP account. Why? I thought they hadn't given me those "small, less-than-a-dollar" deposits that they said they'd sent me. I tried to guess, and now they won't let me use my stupid bank account, which I need to buy an import Mr. Driller DS. I check my bank account after this guess, and there they were. Now what the hell was that? How was I supposed to know this info when I only got it after I could use it?

And I thought that being in college would mean more mature people. Hah. Everyone is still making fun of me, and I'm really beginning to get pissed off at these people.

In fact, right now, I'm angry at everything. Nothing is going right. I'm still waiting for that package from TGN. I'm still waiting for Serena's gift. I'm still waiting for Serena herself. I'm waiting for everything, and getting nothing but what I don't want. I want to do something about it, but there's nothing I can do. If I yell at the post office, they'll turn me away. If I yell at Serena, she'll cry and stop loving me. If I yell at the guys at the college, they won't care and probably make things worse. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Someone help me out here...

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The Ripoff

I am pissed.

Yet another case of Japan thinking we're stupid. At least, that's what I figure. I recently got "Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits" (NDS), which is a pretty good game by itself. However, there are so many missing features. Most importantly, they ripped out the best character in the game, Usagi (Rabbit).

Now why in the hell do they do these things? This is definitely not the first time they do this, and it sure won't be the last. They've cheaped us out of the Dristone stages, they've cheaped us out of single-cart multplayer mode, they've cheaped us out of the extra Mission Driller stage, and they've cheaped us out of Usagi. This is really getting old.

Now, if I want these extra features, I have to get an imported version of the game. That won't be fun. You don't find those just anywhere. So...yeah. If only we could do something to actually stop this cheaping out. But no, it won't happen.

Speaking of getting cheaped out, I still haven't received a package I was expecting from a user on Trade Games Now (which he supposedly sent about two months ago), and I still haven't received that Christmas gift from Serena. Stupid mail service. Well, let's hope either one gets here soon (preferably the latter).

(I know I've used this one before, but...)
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