The Mystery

Oh, my, my, my. I got a Delivery Notice today. That means I may be getting some "lost mail" tomorrow. I'm waiting on two packages, if you recall; the big TGN trade including four GBA games coming my way, or Serena's Christmas gift. It may also be some yet upcoming mail, like the copy of Mr. Driller that I (finally) got ordered, but I'm hoping it's one of the former.

Let's have a recap... This Trade Games Now trade has been waiting for about two months about now. It contains Sonic Advance, Sonic Battle, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Gradius Galaxies. Both the trader in question and I are getting very impatient on the completion of this trade, and it'd be a great relief to see that it's finally done.

On the other hand, Serena is very special to me. I would love to have this Christmas gift she sent me, whether it's a picture or a set of blank CDs, it's her way of showing that she cares about me just as I do about her. Definitely, if only one of these packages should come in, I'd rather it be this one.

And then, there's Mr. Driller... Whee. The first Japanese game that I own. I don't think that it's this one coming in. It would probably have come in normally. If this is what's coming in tomorrow, I'll spend Wednesday walking backwards all day. Besides, it's certainly not priority. I already have North American Mr. Driller, and this Japanese game is certainly not as important as a gift from my beloved, or a two-month-late trade.

So, here I am, waiting by the clock for the package to get to the Post Office. What will it be...?

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." -- Eden Phillpotts

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