Attn: Delusional Studios (if you do read this)

If you are not of Delusional Studios, you don't need to read this post.

Well, it would seem as if some of the members of my college development team have stumbled upon my blog. It might interest you to know that until I get an apology in person from each of you except our project manager, I will not do any further work on our project. I don't care if that means I'm out of the group, I don't care if that means I fail Product Development. I have as much right as anyone to work in an environment of respect, and I've been disrespected by everyone in our group except the project manager. Think about that, and I expect to hear from all of you on Monday.

Quite frankly, I write in this blog because NOBODY LISTENS TO ME, or if they would, all they would do is laugh. I didn't intend for anyone I knew in real life to read this stuff, because this is exactly what I thought would happen.

No quote today.

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