The Passport

Well, I've begun the process that will eventually get me to Oklahoma. I've filled out a passport application with all of the information I need...except my weight. So I fouled it up. Thus, I need to wait until it gets there, then through, then back again, so I can repair it. That's gonna take a while.

Meanwhile, only one day remains in this term, and it's basically just a two-hour class of looking at people's Pocket PC games and such that we made for one of our courses. Then, the term will end. Happy day.

This term, I've had no classes in the afternoon. Next term, all of them are in the afternoon, and I have all mornings off. That's going to be a relief... No waking up late for class.

Anyway, I should be going. Don't want to miss my last class of the term, now...

"That which does not kill you makes you stronger." -- Neitzsche

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