The Revolution

No, this is not about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console. Go drool over it here.

I'm talking about the deviantART revolution. This is happening because for some unknown reason, Jark (our fearless leader) got canned by spyed (our fearful backstabber leader). Yeah, deviantART is still running, but Jark, along with matteo, brought us deviantART, and all of a sudden, they get shoved overboard. Now, doesn't this seem suspicious to you?

This page shows a deleted journal entry which gives us insight as to why spyed did what he did, but still, only very few people know what actually happened. Doesn't this seem so much like something out of a TV show or video game? Well, now it's real. So, I suggest to everyone on deviantART to not submit any further deviations until this whole deal is settled. If you want to go even further, if Jark's not back before August 7th (deviantART's birthday), or if spyed's (hopefully eventual) explanation is totally unreasonable, delete deviations that are already on your account. (Yes, that's taking it a bit extreme, and I personally won't be doing it. Just a suggestion.)

I don't have much news about myself, except that I was not able to find a job in this cursed town, so I'll have to go home for the month of August. If only I hadn't failed that Stages of Stupid course...

As well as supporting Jark and matteo, do remember to support my friend Sally as well! (Check the sidebar.)

"The first duty of a human being is to assume the right functional relationship to society -- more briefly, to find your real job, and do it." -- Charlotte Perkins Gillman

EDIT: I've just been enlightened on a feature of deviantART I wasn't aware of; the Storage Room. Go here and hide your deviations instead of deleting them, when the time is right.


The Segue

I never did tell you what I had gotten Serena as her birthday gift. It was a small plush Vivi doll. About as tall as a Nintendo DS is wide.

I haven't seen Sally online at all for over a week, now. Last I heard, she was moving over to Halifax. Most of her stuff was down there. I just hope she's still all right.

I've been looking for a job lately, but for every resumé I have sent, I have gotten absolutely nothing. No turnaways, no interviews, no anything. This really sucks. I may not be going to Oklahoma, but I am planning a short trip before college, and with no money, there can be no trip.

I'll probably be putting up some Deviations today sometime. If I remember to. I have several pretty clouds I could show the world.

There are a bunch of strangers staying in the house this week. I haven't seen any of them yet, I've been avoiding them. No particular reason, I just want to see how long I can avoid them. It's been two days. They've been weekdays, though, so I don't know how the weekend will turn out.

I've been playing lots of games and chatting lately. I've been in front of this screen so long, I'm probably getting a tan. I really have no life. I wish I had done more stuff with the college guys when I had the chance. But I guess I've chosen the life of G-Prime. And so...

"Don't you realize this is Star Wars vs. Star Trek? A band of rebel X-Wing fighters versus... I don't know, some Star Trek crap where they save a bunch of crap lousy whales." -- Justin "Gimpy" Taylor aka G-Prime, UnderGRADS


The Continuation is over. She's gone now, and I am single again.

However, I think it might have been the right thing. She did something I didn't have the courage to do, for a reason that I didn't have the will to think of (she says we'd both be happier). At first, I completely disagreed with it, but now I think she might have been on to something. I might have found someone else... I'll let you know when I'm certain. Sure thing is, she's much closer on the map than Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, I'll talk about the new people I've met lately, in a new channel on UnderNet, #maritimes. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to stick (though I sure hope it does), but I've still met them, and that's the important thing.

First, there's Sally. She's a very interesting girl from Nova Scotia. She's a fur, a wolf to be precise. Unfortunately, life hasn't treated her well. She has several disorders, and to make things worse, she, uh... has the wrong equipment down there. Sure, there are those who think this isn't a bad thing, but most of them are guys and just don't understand what an encumbrance that thing is for them, to have what's just not supposed to be there. Anyway, I've put up a donation link for surgery to get it removed, as well as her full story and blog on the sidebar.

Second is Erin. A very fun New Brunswickan girl, who seems to be able to tap into a source of eternal happiness at first glance. Of course, this isn't true, but it sure looks like it. She came over to visit a short while ago, and I've found that she's very pleasant to be with.

There are others, but they're just plain not there enough of the time to mention. :P

Anyway... It's gonna be hard forgetting Serena, but I am still young, and already have found someone else, so I'm not lost yet.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." -- Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

Note: I've started a new blog, Gamer's Day. It consists entirely of game reviews. Check it out every so often.