The Presence

Wow... Y'know, when you sign up to various websites, it really doesn't seem like that many until you put them all together, such as on the sidebar here. Two blogs, and accounts on eight other sites, six of which are active...

Wait up, that makes seven online services, doesn't it? 43 Things, Blogger, deviantART, Flickr,, Trade Games Now, and Uptime-Project... Wow, I just realised I've completed one of my "given up" 43 Things goals. I'll have to update that.

In other news, no job yet... I've been lazy. I know, I'm horrible with that... Of course, today, I was barely aware of reality around me... I dunno, just very dull senses, I guess. Recovering from my previous job?

I just found out that a girl I was interested in is already taken by someone... Now, that really sucks. I had no idea, and I've known her for about half a year, now. So now, I have absolutely no prospects in the area of love. Stupid shyness and asocialism...

Still waiting for my Mr. Driller import... um... Gonna be vacuuming tomorrow... uh... Hmm... Oh, and I've added an Uptime-Image to my sidebar. Check it out, s'cool stuff.

S'about all I got for now. I'll let you know if anything good (or bad) happens.

"Presence is more than just being there." -- Malcolm S. Forbes

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