The Stretch

I haven't posted in, like, forever... Of course, not much to post, so I didn't really bother... Sorry if anyone's been expecting something.

Well, first off, I'm still single, and miserable about it. Whee.

I quit my job at the call centre last Thursday. I don't think I'll be working at one of those again... Too taxing on the senses. I could actually feel it dulling my reflexes and short-term memory. Plus, Bradford is a bit too, uh... "crafty" for my taste. What will I do next? Well, we'll find out soon enough...

Bought an import game, "Mr. Driller: Drill Land". Should've had it by now, but the guy forgot to send it...after, like, half a month. How lovely.

Sally's been all right...other than the fact that she got kicked out of her apartment, or so I gather. I wish she could come to live around here, I miss her presence.

I still haven't rejoined that channel from two posts back, even though the guy has left it. Since then, a new room branched off of it, and now I hang out in that new one. It's gotten kinda dull in there lately, though. Well, rather dull than rude.

I've decided to join Flickr. I put the link up on the sidebar. Take a look; whatever doesn't end up on deviantART may very well end up on Flickr.

Well, here's to waiting for ladies to be all up ons.

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward." -- Spanish proverb

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