The Renewed

Yes, I've signed up to AdSense. Evil. But the fact is, I'm a poor schmoe who needs some sort of financial boost. Gimme a click, if you don't mind.

However, I'll have you know I don't need an emotional boost anymore... Amy and I have called our relationship official; I now have a girlfriend again! Makes me feel great... I have someone to dedicate my life to again. And this time, I'm likely gonna be able to meet up with her :P I'd link you over to her LiveJournal, but unfortunately, its entries are restricted to friends. So...too bad for you :)

Still haven't found my source of income (not counting AdSense, which is gonna take forever, anyway)... I've got a week left to find something, or I get dumped into that stupid shop again. If I get sick working there, though, I am so not gonna stick around. And I know it's gonna happen... Happened last time, it'll happen again if I go back.

So, anyway... Just thought I'd tell you the good news :)

"Love is a sweet rhapsody of the heart." -- Lamar Cole

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