The Overhaul

So... I realize that Gamer's Day (my game review blog) had some problem with the style sheet... For some reason, the text on the left side only showed up at the bottom, below the right-side text. And so, I have grabbed another Blogger template, messed around with it and voila: Gamer's Day 2.0. Check it out, it's on the sidebar...and it looks fantastic :)

You will also notice that all of my blogs now feature a Shoutbox! I have found some web space in which to host the Webfroot Shoutbox, and am now using it, after some modifications to be able to have multiple Shoutboxes from one set of Shoutbox code. I'm learning PHP and CSS like mad lately :)

Time for updates, now...and the most exciting update today is that I shall be on a bus to Fredericton in less than 12 hours! I'm finally gonna get to see Amy :D I am extremely excited... I'll tell you more about that when I get back.

Today was the Grand Opening Party at our Boston Pizza... I'm glad I wasn't working. It must've been a maelstrom in the kitchen... I never could've kept up with *that* many dirty dishes... I'm off until Wednesday, so I can go to Fredericton.

And that's it for now... Talk to you guys Tuesday night :)

“I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.” -- Rosalia de Castro


The Discord

You may think that I'm gonna be talking about something bad in my life... Well, you're wrong.

I am going to be talking about Discordi...well, more like mentioning it. I can't talk much about a game that doesn't have enough players in it. Go check it out... I'd like to find some people to play with. One game requires at least five people...and the more the merrier. (At least, I imagine.) Let me know if you want to play...let's get a big group going.

So! Update. I guess the biggest one would be the fact that in less than a week from today, I'm finally going to be meeting Amy. YAAAAY! We're going to Fredericton... Unfortunately, we must arrive separately and leave separately, but the time between that will be heavenly. Plus, I can look forward to another phone call tomorrow night... I wonder how I could be so lucky?

Other updates... I have started my job at Boston Pizza...and I don't like it. I do not belong in a kitchen, people. Give me a job I can do! Anyhow...I have applied for a different job, but I doubt I'll get it... Assistant manager at our local EB Games. Yes, laugh if you will...but if nobody else applies, think of my chances :) At least EB has a fairly small staff, so it wouldn't be *too* hard to manage... And I talked to the previous AM (who, ironically, works at Boston Pizza as well, now) about the job...doesn't seem like something *too* hard, considering the title of the position.

Hmmm... S'about it for now...

"Now, kids, your father's just trying to spend time with his family. Or kill us. I'm not sure which." -- Lois Griffin, Family Guy


The Wanderer

Just thought I'd talk a little about this fun toy called StumbleUpon... Interesting thing that allows you to visit sites and pages on the Internet that you never thought to look for. I've found various articles about games... As well as some fun Flash games and toys... Funny stuff... And, uh...miscellaneous. :P Try it out... The only requirement is that you use IE or Opera users, too bad :P

Updates! Woo... Well, I've recently received some good news. Very good news. Very, very, very--well, you get the idea. And it is...Amy may very well be coming to see me! It's so exciting... I'm not sure when it'll be yet, but one of her friends is going on a road trip that may very well have a stop up here. I'll finally get to meet this ever so lovely girl that I've known for a month and a half...and whom it feels like I've known for years, now...

Other updates? Well, this is the first time I use the Performancing extension for Firefox. (There's a link on the sidebar, under Powered By.) So, this is basically a test post as well as an update. Makes it easier to post, anyway... Something about the Blogger interface makes my Firefox crash. Possibly my various extensions coinciding with the Blogger quick functions or something. Plus, I don't need an entire tab to make a post... I just keep browsing and posting :)

Let's end on a silly note...

"A proof is a proof. What kind of proof? It's a proof. A proof is proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it is proven." -- The Right Honourable Jean Chr├ętien


The Impression

My, my... I've recently experienced a surge of pageviews. Whoever is so intently reading my blog, I thank you all. I figure it may be due to my introduction into Amy's circle of friends... People may have followed the link from her LJ area to my LJ area, then to my blog itself.

So, just for the hell of it, I'm gonna let people peek at my statistics. Simply click "View Blog Stats" at the very top of the sidebar. The one-day record for pageviews so far is 39... Unique users is 25... Think you guys can beat it? (And no, I don't mean reloading the page multiple times...that won't help. :P)

Other news; thanks to your generous support, I've so far amassed 18 cents through AdSense. Woo! But let's go for more :P

More interesting news; I've been talking to Amy on the phone weekly, now... Third time was Thursday... I will not go into detail...but suffice it to say that we're gonna get along juuuust fine :)

I haven't used a silly quote in a while...

"Attention restaurant customers: Testicles. That is all." -- Peter Griffin, Family Guy