The Discord

You may think that I'm gonna be talking about something bad in my life... Well, you're wrong.

I am going to be talking about Discordi...well, more like mentioning it. I can't talk much about a game that doesn't have enough players in it. Go check it out... I'd like to find some people to play with. One game requires at least five people...and the more the merrier. (At least, I imagine.) Let me know if you want to play...let's get a big group going.

So! Update. I guess the biggest one would be the fact that in less than a week from today, I'm finally going to be meeting Amy. YAAAAY! We're going to Fredericton... Unfortunately, we must arrive separately and leave separately, but the time between that will be heavenly. Plus, I can look forward to another phone call tomorrow night... I wonder how I could be so lucky?

Other updates... I have started my job at Boston Pizza...and I don't like it. I do not belong in a kitchen, people. Give me a job I can do! Anyhow...I have applied for a different job, but I doubt I'll get it... Assistant manager at our local EB Games. Yes, laugh if you will...but if nobody else applies, think of my chances :) At least EB has a fairly small staff, so it wouldn't be *too* hard to manage... And I talked to the previous AM (who, ironically, works at Boston Pizza as well, now) about the job...doesn't seem like something *too* hard, considering the title of the position.

Hmmm... S'about it for now...

"Now, kids, your father's just trying to spend time with his family. Or kill us. I'm not sure which." -- Lois Griffin, Family Guy

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Amy said...

If I get the ok from work tomorrow, it's only 5 more sleeps until Fredericton!:)