The Encounter I said I was gonna post on Tuesday night. I lied. Sue me. :P

I wanted to post after Amy now that Amy has, I'm gonna. :)

So, I left my apartment to head to Newcastle... That's an expensive cab ride, at least, compared to staying within Chatham... But I wouldn't have made it otherwise. I wasn't about to walk three hours to Newcastle with my bags :P

Bought my ticket, got on the bus... First inter-city bus ride, by the way... Wasn't too bad. In fact, I found some really nice scenes on the way... Note to self: Get license, get car, drive around, take pictures. :)

After three pit stops along the way, I finally got to Fredericton. Knowing that Amy was still about three hours away, I took a walk along Regent street... Just looking around, spending time. I ended up going to DQ and getting a large milkshake... That was a mistake. Those are *enormous* compared to anything I've seen from them before. I didn't finish it...which was a shame, because it was, like, $5. :P

Now, it *was* Sunday, so there wasn't exactly much open. I just had a look, then turned around and headed back to the bus station. Incidentally, I had brought my MP3 CD player... Played it for 5:40 hours without one song repeating. I just like saying that :)

Amy got off the bus...and I immediately knew it was her. I ran up to her and gave her a *big* hug... And we hugged several times right there :) She was with her friend Jamie, who I was also fairly glad to see, for the fact that she's the one who invited Amy to come to Fredericton with her.

So then we got to the Prospect Inn, got our rooms... I paid one night and Amy paid the other... We checked out our room, and dropped our stuff there... And I had my first kiss... Finally :) So, shortly after, we went to Jamie's room, and I met these crazy people that apparently Jamie likes to hang out with... I had no idea about them, and still don't, as I only saw them the one time.

It being fairly late now, me and Amy headed back to our room... I showed her a few things I brought along, and then we talked for a while... Talking turned to kissing... And, erm... Well... Let's just say that I left Fredericton on Tuesday without something that I went there with.

I'm gonna break this up into two posts, just to keep single posts from getting too long. I'll post the second half (be it my Monday and Tuesday there) a little later tonight.

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