The Show

I've had this up for a while, now, but I haven't mentioned it to anyone publicly yet. So here it is; it's called The Show. Check it out, it's on the sidebar. This will be my sandbox for web development; Javascript, PHP, and CSS. It has a shoutbox as well, so feel free to leave me some comments about the site.

So, let us update. My job at BP is sucking terribly... I've worked the last three days... Friday night, followed immediately by Saturday morning...wonderful. And then again Sunday morning...which I was almost late for due to the fact that they had a planned power service outage that night. Lucky that I got up in time anyway...that is to say, lucky for them. It being Sunday, you wouldn't expect much business, but it being Father's Day...ay ay ay. I almost was stuck working overtime due to the heavy backlog of dirty stuff...

Gameshow Marathon has winded down to the last two episodes... And each show so far has been a magnificent recreation of the original set... The Price is Right's Contestant's Row (although they don't really need a recreation of it...), Let's Make A Deal's three doors and three curtains, Beat the Clock's (well...) clock, Press Your Luck's Big Board, and Card Sharks' card "table". Next up is Match Game... I expect to see Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly there. They're both still in action. (By the way... Did you know that Brett Somers was born in New Brunswick? It's on the IMDb...) Brande Roderick will be playing Family Feud... Who will join her? Kathy Najimy? Or Lance Bass? We'll just have to wait and see...

"I said name a time that most people get up. And being the Einstein that you are, you said morning. Our survey said... zip! Now if that wasn't bad enough, I then said name a time that most people go to bed, and you said, of course. Night. Our survey said... 2!" -- Richard Dawson, Family Feud

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