The Traitor

What some people won't do for some "skin", as it were...

I've been back home for the weekend. My cousin is back from the army, and I wanted to see him...but unfortunately didn't get to this time. Well, at least I still have a couple of weeks... And I did see JP. So I had fun.

However, I was greeted by a fairly bad surprise on my return... Chris, the other guy currently living in this house, told me about *his* weekend. He was bartending at the Irish Festival that just recently happened here, and he had decided to hit on some girl. He ended up taking her back home to...well, "do his thing". At the same time, he had decided to hit on another girl the next day, one who was staying here for the Festival. He wanted to have a repeat of the previous night with her, but she asked who that girl was that he was with last night.

And wouldn't you know it, he told her that that other girl was with me.

If I had been there, believe me, nothing would've happened that night. Whatever... He was talking about all kinds of money-making opportunities...but I refuse to work with someone who's willing to sell me out just to get some.

In more pleasant news, I've been playing MapleStory. It's a fun game... It is an MMO, but it's two-dimensional platform-style, so even people on dialup such as myself can play. If you'd like to contact me in-game, my character's name is Tsumoko, and I'm on Broa. I'll usually stray away from highly populated channels.

I've also been playing Zelda Classic... Imagine the original NES Legend of Zelda game...then soup it up and throw every idea from every other Zelda game into it. You have a game that plays like the NES Zelda game, but with everything; full colour tiles, later items such as the Hookshot, enormous environments, and even a full-detail map that can be used on the overworld at any time. And there are many quests available, both on the official website and on Pure ZC. The latest version is available for Windows and Mac, and the latest beta is also available for Linux.

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