The E-mail

Well, I realize that I haven't been posting anything here lately. And by "I realize," I mean "a certain birthday-girl told me that". So let's post something.

Opening for today, I've sent Strong Bad an e-mail today. It goes:

Strong Bad,

You must avenge my death. You are the last hope.


No, I'm not dying. :P I just thought of that, and decided to send it. I can't imagine what Strong Bad will do if he actually replies to this e-mail!

In other news, the Lil' Meso Lottery is starting to barely get noticed. Don't be sad for me, that's a good thing; it wasn't getting noticed at all before. :P The current draw has, I believe, 9 tickets sold, which is (sadly) a record. I expect to end up with 10-12 tickets for this draw. Soon enough, I'll have it set up so that people can buy multiple tickets. (I hope...)

Meanwhile, NBC is starting a new game show tomorrow, named "1 Vs. 100". It pits one average Joe against 100 brainiacs, including (but not limited to) school teachers, members of Mensa, and Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. (I *still* think he should've been restricted to 5 wins.) I think that it works something like, when the single player answers correctly, whomever in the 100 answered incorrectly gets eliminated, and the more people eliminated, the more money the player gets. Something like that, anyway. It's on after Deal or No Deal on Friday, if anyone else is interested.

I got an interview at Crystal Palace today... Wheeee. I'll tell you if something happens. If not, well, I'll do what they do and never speak of it again.

Hmm... I think that's it for now.

"A dog is okay / On a sunny day / But a cat / Is where it's at" -- Paula Scher

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