The Shoutbox

To keep from going insane in this house, I've been a bit busy.

The old "Webfroot Shoutbox" PHP code was needlessly messy, and it was hard to style it right at all. As well, it originally only came with the ability to have one shoutbox for one set of code. That's a feature I had to add myself.

So, now that I have a lot more experience with PHP, I went ahead and created a brand new shoutbox. It is entirely customizable, not overly hard to use, and looks way better. I've implemented it so far on The Show and the Lil' Meso official site, and shall soon be implementing it on my other two blogs.

In other news, I've been off Maple for a few days... I really miss it, and wish I could go play it again, but not only do I need a new modem that won't disconnect me every five minutes when I try to play, I need to redownload the entire game because of the last patch. It sucks.

However, 1 Vs. 100 doesn't. It's quite exciting. I've watched two episodes so far. It's definitely the best new game show in quite a while. I hope I get to watch it often.

Well, for now, that's about all I have to say.

"Don't live for what others think you are; live for what you know you are." -- Kewlio (Yeah, that a problem, pal? :P)

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