The Trouble

Quick post, just to let everyone know what's going on.

Basically, my computer is screwed. I think the RAM is in bad shape or something. Windows will not boot up on this computer at all. So I've turned to Ubuntu Linux.

It's quite good so far... The important thing, it boots. Second important thing, I can use the Internet (though what an adventure it was to get *that* running...). Only real problem is that my applications keep crashing randomly. Sometimes, I can run apps for hours with no trouble, and other times, I can't keep my things open for more than five seconds.

I need a new computer, but immediately, I need RAM. So consider clicking on one of those nice, free ads on the sidebar of each of my blogs, switching to Firefox using the link on The Show, or donating by PayPal, also through The Show.

Anyway... 5:04 AM, time for bed. I can tell you more about myself later.

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