The Emptiness

I finally got back to MapleStory... I knew that it had changed... I knew that my guild was no more... But I didn't know how much it changed...

I was hoping a grand welcome from all my Buddies... Instead, I got nothing... Not a single buddy online... Watched my cash equipment disappear... I basically had nothing. It wasn't the same at all...

I don't know whether I'm gonna bother playing... I wanted to pick up my lottery again, but I wonder what's the point...

No quote, don't feel like finding one...


The Return

I'm back, baby. :P

Turns out that it wasn't the RAM, it was the motherboard. The capacitors on it were pretty much burnt, and I probably couldn't have used that board much longer before it would've either completely burnt out, or the capacitors would've given way completely, shocking all my other hardware to death. I now have a shiny new ASRock board. And here's a tip for anyone who wants to build their own machine: DO NOT BUY AOPEN. Thank you. Moving along...

So, the last two months, I've been "adventuring" within Ubuntu Linux. I've gotta say, it's way more organized than Windows... Though it's true that I'm back in Windows now, (mostly because I want to get back to MapleStory and Linux's Windows emulator "Wine" doesn't support it), I quite liked Ubuntu. 98% of the software you'll ever think to download (as well as updates to them all) can be found in what is called "repositories". Think of it as Windows Update on steroids.

Also, 99% of software you'll ever need in Linux is free, most of which are under the GNU General Public License. Just think of it this way: For every piece of software that may cost tens, hundreds, some even thousands of dollars, there's always something you can find for free. Even on Windows. You just need to know where to look for it. For starters, try here.

As for the interface...well, you have so many to choose from. You've got your basic text-mode console (in fact, six of them are available to you by default). Then, where graphic interfaces are concerned, you have GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and a slew of others. Take your pick. (I recommend KDE myself.)

At this time, I would like to thank Thomas Fjellstrom, Vincent Povrik, and Kevin Stange for making my new motherboard a reality. Having no money of my own, I couldn't be back in Windows without you guys.

As for me...well, not much happening. I've just been living my everyday life as always... Hoping to get employment somewhere, but it ain't working >.< Been through Prison Break, Survivor, and the Amazing Race... No big thrills.

As for good news, it appears that my cousin Marcel will be back from Afghanistan soon to visit... Though not in time for Christmas, he'll be around somewhere between then and New Year's. It will be good to see him again. The last chance I had to do so was last summer, but my obsession with finding a job while I was still in Miramchi prevented that from happening. Truly, that time was, in no way, a good thing.

Finally, I add a new friend's blog to my sidebar, "Tomathan". He's new at blogging, but I'm sure he'll get the trick soon. I think his first post (after the "obligatory" introductory one) was pretty well detailed. As I always say... Check it out, it's on the sidebar. And so is Thomas's development site, StrangeSoft.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." -- Seneca