The Fox

What d'you mean, I haven't posted since June?

...oh, yeah. I guess I haven't. Well, not much has happened since then, except recently: I'm in LOOOOOOVE! (again. :P)

Her name is Katie, and she's a fox. Like...really, a fur. A good start, I must say. And darned if she's not playful, too. We've spent pretty much every night for a good while playing various games, both with others and just between each other. Mostly WarCraft 3 and Battle of Wesnoth, but I did teach her how to play Uno.

I guess that one of the biggest issues is that, once again, she's in the US, while I'm up here in Canada. She does intend to move up here, funds ever permitting, and I hope to be able to help her out in that endeavour. But she's lots of fun, very affectionate, and just generally very warm. I'm definitely happy with her, and I make her happy as well, so that makes it even better. So, "LETS TRY FOR LONG RUN !!"

Now, she also pointed out that my blog is fairly riddled with large gaps. I guess I didn't really write it in a way for it to be read from start to end. :P So, if anyone has any questions about the outcome or continuation of any of my posts, do feel free to comment and ask about it. ^^

"Love isn't blind; it just only sees what matters." -- William Curry


The Price

The time has come for us to meet: A new host on The Price is Right...come on down!

So, unfortunately, Bob Barker has retired from TPiR, having hosted for the last 35 years without fail, and previously, Truth or Consequences for 15 there. We might see him again for a while this September if they can't find a new host by then, but there will invariably be a new host. So, here are the current options.

George Hamilton. Well, it would fit in with the host of TPiR single-handedly increasing the average game show hosts' age. But after watching him get "toasted" with Ritz Chips, I grow annoyed of him. :P

Mark Steines. Current host of Entertainment Tonight, he's already received a fair amount of exposure on TV. However, there are different breeds of TV hosts; I think Steines should keep to infotainment.

Todd Newton. My favourite so far. He's hosted Hollywood Showdown as well as Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck on GSN, and he's proven to the world that he can be a wonderful host. Newton, for TPiR, will ensure a bright future.

Rosie O'Donnell. Oh, God no. Now, I have nothing against her personally, but fact is, she's just not serious enough to host the show. She acts too ridiculously on TV, and I also find she's too loud to be a game show host. (Never thought I'd say *that*.) I think O'Donnell would be TPiR's bane, sorry to say.

Auditions for new hosts are still running, so it might not be any of these four. Too bad I can't be the host. I think I'd do it fairly well.

Well, may as well update on myself while I'm at it. So, I'm still working at the call centre. They've switched me from hotels to roadside assistance and gift cards, which I hate even more than hotels. I'm hoping to find a way out of this place *very* soon. I'm pretty sure this place is having an adverse effect on my health.

Recently picked up a game called "Super Paper Mario"...perhaps some of you have heard of it. It's the third installment of the Paper Mario series; however, this one is not an RPG. It is a 2D platformer which is a 3D platformer. Yes, you heard me. For the most part, you play in 2D; however, sometimes you are required to "flip" into 3D using Mario's special ability to do so in this game. Talk about adding a new dimension to platformer games.

I've also taken up playing Puzzle Pirates. I've racked up a fair amount of experience in the games contained therein, including a very scary experience last night, involving the largest threat in the entire game, which shows up when you pick on ships weaker than yours too much. That was unpleasant. But the rest of the game is fun. Check it out; my name is Kewkew and you can find me most nights on Viridian ocean.

So, that's about it for now.

"HERE IT COMES! From the Bob Barker studio at CBS in Hollywood, television's most exciting hour of fantasic prizes; the fabulous sixty-minute Price Is Right!" -- Rod Roddy (until 2003), Rich Fields (since 2004)


The Eerie Fog

The world has gone sepia.

Seriously, everything is yellow outside. I don't know what's going on. I can smell smoke on the air; perhaps it's a forest fire nearby? Well, I hope it's nothing serious... It's quite weird, though... x.x

No news from Alberta yet. I'm still stuck here. I hope it won't be for much longer; I'm quite sick of this call centre job. Not that it doesn't have its good moments... The last call I got yesterday was probably one of the best I've had at this job. The guy was super-friendly, and I was smiling for most of that call. He was also quite happy about the fact that he wasn't going to pay a deposit, as opposed to Priceline, which was going to charge the whole stay. He also saved all of $4. :P

I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance lately. (Mostly at work; nobody seems to care. :P) As a result, I've also started a game of Final Fantasy Tactics (the PSX original). I'm at the final battle in the GBA one; most of the way through Chapter 2 on the PSX one. I find the game quite enjoyable, mostly for the fact that you don't need to be on the game all the time, which is good when playing at work.

I've grown excited about a few new games that are scheduled to come out: A new NiGHTS game for Wii, a new "Puzzle League" (read: Tetris Attack) game for DS, and according to GameFAQs, there might be a new Final Fantasy Tactics for DS coming along as well. I'm also hoping to get Super Paper Mario pretty soon. There's also been the now-famous announcement for StarCraft 2 a week ago, which looks REALLY cool. As the cinematic trailer says: "Hell, it's about time."

I recently went on eBay to buy some additional RAM for my computer. I now have 512 MB of RAM, and my computer is running smoother than it ever has. Maybe someday, I'll be able to afford an all-new computer...

Anyway, that's about it for today.

"It is not how old you are, but how you are old." -- Jules Renard


The Un-wasted Day

I woke up at 3 PM today. I was quite sure my day had been wasted. I didn't know what was going to be happening, though.

So, I was just about to start washing my stuff to make food when the landlady came knocking at the door, asking for the rent. 'Course, I didn't have that on me, so I went over to the bank to withdraw it, and since I was in that area, also to the post office, hoping to see my new RAM in my box. ('Course, that wasn't there, and I knew it wouldn't be, but sometimes, you never know.)

Anyway, coming back, I saw this lady poking out of her side door entrance. Didn't really know what was going on, but she was saying, "Come here! Come here! He's dead!" Well, who would I be to ignore something like that? I went into the house, and lo and behold, this old guy was sitting in his chair; though not quite dead, he was definitely headed in that direction.

Naturally, I asked where the telephone was, and called 911. I talked to those guys as best as I could (I didn't know these people, so I had to answer most everything they asked on the fly.) They eventually asked to talk to the lady, who would have a much better idea of what's going on. I ended up sticking around until the lady's daughter came around, and also waited outside until the ambulance to lead them to the side door where I came in from.

...So, yeah. Although I lost an hour of daytime more than usual (three hours more than I'd want to), the day has been rescued. (And so did that old guy.)


The Trip...and Fall

Now might be a good time to mention that I'll be going to Japan in a couple of weeks.

I'm posting from more on that later.

*Now* might be a good time to mention that this post was made April 1st. :3

I don't have so much as a passport or the money to visit any part of the Orient. So yeah, none of this was true. I'm stuck in New Brunswick yet. Happy April Fools'.


The Lost Plan

The first post said that I was keeping a post-naming convention like the episodes in Seinfeld were... Well, nobody said that it was only one word after "The". Several eps from Seinfeld had more than "The" and one word. So, there we go.

I realize it's been a while since I last posted... As per the rules of Bestest Blog, I'm probably out of rotation now... Blah...

So I've been working at that call centre... Hating it... And I've also been planning a way out. This included my friend Gina.

On my "0th" day of work (the day before the first), my dad decided to tell me that, should I lose or quit my job for any reason, he would be throwing me out. I immediately decided to come up with a contingency plan for this. I talked to Gina, and she said I'd have a place to stay in Nova Scotia. I then started planning to go down there anyway, as I am sick of living here and dealing with this man.

Eventually, I was told that Gina would be moving to Alberta sooner than expected. (She was originally leaving in June or July, after Anthrocon '07, and now, after deciding for financial reasons against going, is moving out in April.) I was told that arrangements would be made so that I'd have somewhere to stay if I wanted to come along. I eventually decided that I would.

However, it would seem that no arrangements were made. We (Gina and I) talked to the guy at the place we'd be staying, who *today* told us that there is no room for me, and probably wouldn't be for as much as three months. So not only am I stuck here, but THEY (my parents) are making me move to St-Louis so I would be closer to my work and not need a drive as much, or at least as far.

This apartment is completely unfurnished. Not even so much as a frickin' bed. And I'm supposed to live in it. And pay rent. Waste money on a place I don't want to be in in the least. There's nothing I can do in the meantime, other than apply at other places, and probably have to pay rent there, too. I'm tired of living a life that's being governed by everyone *but* me. All I can do is wait for an opportunity that keeps flying away.


Minor Template Update

It appears as though Uptime-Project is CLOSING FOREVER!!1!oneZOMG at the end of the month. Therefore, I've taken down the Uptime-Project image (which wasn't being updated anyway).

Quite a shame, really... In the past five years, U-P has logged over 10,000 years' worth of computer activity. I'll try to visit the site once more just before it closes, to get an exact number.

This being a minor update, it has no quote. Therefore, there is no spoon. (Wait, that's a quote from The Matrix. Dang it.)

The Twili

Short update first: That whole thing about my friend and Twokinds? Really blown out of proportion, especially on my end. I caught up with the storyline, and everything resumed just fine. (For what I can see.)

So... I've finished Twilight Princess. Beautiful game. Scenic environments. Dramatic story. Climactic end sequence. Cinematic final battle.

Surprisingly gorgeous Princess of Twilight. (Play and finish the game (or just check out the article), you'll see. :3)

Yet again do I feel the sad (yet temporary) emptiness of finishing such a deep game as Twilight Princess. However, it's good to know that there's still much to do; from my last save point, I can easily backtrack to the full game world, and search for missing bugs, Poes, and Heart Pieces, as well as upgrade all of my equipment to the maximum capacity, and face the deadly Cave of Ordeals. (If you've played Paper Mario 2, it is comparable to the Pit of 100 Trials.) I'll probably do these once I get my own place and TV again, though.

So lately, I've been bugged to find jobs. (Nothing new here.) So far, I'm pending with Virtual-Agent Services in St.-Louis (blarg), noticed by Rogers in Moncton (for Internet customer service or tech support...meh), and sent off a resume to Spielo, through Dave (somewhat closer to my degree). Likely, *one* of these will pick me up.

However, interestingly, I've been invited over to Gina's in Dartmouth; mostly because she wishes to see me once more before moving to Alberta, but also to point out a few jobs in the area, and to introduce me to the two people she lives with at the moment, and see if I would be "able" to live with them. This, I would like; I could use the time away from this place, that's for sure. Main problem, of course, would be transportation, but this may be arranged if the plans follow through.

Here at home, I'm currently writing code to play the French card game of Mille Bornes...again. This is my third rewrite of the game; however, I keep coming up with freaky new ideas to make the code more readable and manageable. My Games Bot currently supports Mille Bornes v.2, Uno, and my dice game, Zero-D. Once I get this rewrite done, finish adding Uno variants, and add the ability to configure the bot, it shall be released as 1.0 on The Show.

On a final note, I notice I have a few more readers for Dysfunctionaliblog. Now, I don't know if there are people (other than friends) who check this blog regularly for updates, but I do know that people now look at my blog almost every day, now. Oddly enough, this also has proven to be a pageview booster for The Show; why this is, I don't know, as I don't update the darn thing that often anymore. I really should...but I guess it's not quite as easy as posting to a blog, when you're coding the entire page yourself.

Houba, what a long post. So, until next time, live long and...uh...stuff.

"Well? ...Say something! Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?" -- Midna, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


The Comic

First, I'd like to mention, I've opened *another* new blog, "'Cause I Thought So". Not only is it on the sidebar, but the five last posts all have direct links to them, way down at the bottom there. This new blog will be for musings and stuff.

Anyway... I'm pretty much feeling bad about today... In IRC today, the webcomic Twokinds was mentioned. Soon after, an important plot point about the lead female character was spoiled to me unintentionally. Now, at this point in time, I've since been told that this point is still in "rumour" phase. Regardless, this is a supposition I would've liked to develop by myself.

I immediately left the channel in question and went for a walk to try to calm myself down. (Quite balmy weather; looks like Shubenacadie Sam says "Early Spring" this year.) Regardless, upon my return, all I could do is ask (rudely) if they were done talking about this storyline.

I later learned that I had (though inadvertently) hurt this person's feelings, which is the last thing I ever want to do to someone I care about. It happened with Amy, and now it's happening again. When will it end?

So, yeah... I'm feeling mighty low.

Oh, and...before you click on that link to Wiki's Twokinds article... It has spoilers, too. I managed to avoid those, however. I'll make an exception to the new Wiki Policy this once.

No quote. (Yes, again. I'll start finding some when things pick up.)


The Hole

Yeah, so, sorry about not posting the second part of The Yesteryear... Never got around to writing it, and most of those events are pretty faded from memory at this point... I've been having other problems.

First thing was, a few weeks ago, I received the dreaded "When can we expect payment" call from Visa Desjardins... I told them two weeks... And I did manage that...after borrowing $60 from Daniel, and $40 from JP. At least they don't charge interest, have a due date, nor can they force me into bankruptcy.

Now, today, I've received a letter from Aliant Mobility stating that if I don't give them $164 and some cents today, they're taking away my service, and tacking on $25 for reconnection, should I ever become able to pay any of this. I can't possibly ask for this money from my friends again... That's way too much... And I doubt if social services would be willing to help at all; they sure didn't help when I tried to apply for it back when I was in the Chi.

Biggest problem is that most of the resumes I've sent out in Moncton only have my cell number on it. Obviously, they'll be completely useless now. I just wish I knew *why* nobody has bothered to hire me yet. Am I doing something wrong? Do they just not care about where I am now? I need money, here, and I need it now... I don't wanna have to go bankrupt, or go to court or anything.

I don't know anymore...

(Do feel free to comment on any post.)

This just in: The Show reaches 1,000 hits; Dysfunctionaliblog reaches 1,600. Bestest Blog really knows how to boost traffic, I guess.

No quote.


The Welcoming

At this point, I would like to welcome everyone from the Bestest Blog of All Time blog randomizer. I hope you'll find my blog interesting, and also direct your attention to the almighty sidebar on the right, hub to all things Kewlio. :P

Part 2 of The Yesteryear will be coming up soon.


The Yesteryear

Chu-chu-churu chu-chu-chu-chuuuuru chu-chu-churu chu-chuuuuru-chu-chu...

erm... Yes. I believe I may have Katamari on the Rock stuck in my head. And just having gotten the track is not helping. ^^; I normally clear songs from my head by learning them...but it's proving difficult to learn a Japanese song. Oh well, we'll keep trying.

I know that the links I said were on the sidebar last time ended up not being there. That was an issue with Blogger's new template editor within Firefox 2.0, and has been fixed. Links now show.

My oh my, so much to recount. Shouldn't have waited so long to post it all. Oh well, we're gonna make this a Javascript Popdown post again. :P

Guess we can start with the 18th of December, my last visit to JP's place until the new year. It was a pretty standard visit over there. Hung out, joked around, and I got to play Trickster some. (I've a level 22 Cat now.) The big difference would be that I got to watch the test-run premiere of Identity. I found it quite interesting, and I think Penn Jillette (akf Penn and Teller) did a great job. I find it interesting how NBC is finding all the showbiz people that we've heard nothing about for a while and giving them game show hosting jobs. :P

The 19th...same ol' boring kinda day. Let's keep going.

Read on (Dec 20, Dec 22, Dec 24-Xmas)
This post brought to you by Wikipedia. :P (I've decided to refer to it more, as it gives a neutral point of view, wherein originating sites would always be a direct invitation to the product.)

"Happy Fun Ball: Accept No Substitutes!" -- SNL sketch