The Hole

Yeah, so, sorry about not posting the second part of The Yesteryear... Never got around to writing it, and most of those events are pretty faded from memory at this point... I've been having other problems.

First thing was, a few weeks ago, I received the dreaded "When can we expect payment" call from Visa Desjardins... I told them two weeks... And I did manage that...after borrowing $60 from Daniel, and $40 from JP. At least they don't charge interest, have a due date, nor can they force me into bankruptcy.

Now, today, I've received a letter from Aliant Mobility stating that if I don't give them $164 and some cents today, they're taking away my service, and tacking on $25 for reconnection, should I ever become able to pay any of this. I can't possibly ask for this money from my friends again... That's way too much... And I doubt if social services would be willing to help at all; they sure didn't help when I tried to apply for it back when I was in the Chi.

Biggest problem is that most of the resumes I've sent out in Moncton only have my cell number on it. Obviously, they'll be completely useless now. I just wish I knew *why* nobody has bothered to hire me yet. Am I doing something wrong? Do they just not care about where I am now? I need money, here, and I need it now... I don't wanna have to go bankrupt, or go to court or anything.

I don't know anymore...

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This just in: The Show reaches 1,000 hits; Dysfunctionaliblog reaches 1,600. Bestest Blog really knows how to boost traffic, I guess.

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The Welcoming

At this point, I would like to welcome everyone from the Bestest Blog of All Time blog randomizer. I hope you'll find my blog interesting, and also direct your attention to the almighty sidebar on the right, hub to all things Kewlio. :P

Part 2 of The Yesteryear will be coming up soon.


The Yesteryear

Chu-chu-churu chu-chu-chu-chuuuuru chu-chu-churu chu-chuuuuru-chu-chu...

erm... Yes. I believe I may have Katamari on the Rock stuck in my head. And just having gotten the track is not helping. ^^; I normally clear songs from my head by learning them...but it's proving difficult to learn a Japanese song. Oh well, we'll keep trying.

I know that the links I said were on the sidebar last time ended up not being there. That was an issue with Blogger's new template editor within Firefox 2.0, and has been fixed. Links now show.

My oh my, so much to recount. Shouldn't have waited so long to post it all. Oh well, we're gonna make this a Javascript Popdown post again. :P

Guess we can start with the 18th of December, my last visit to JP's place until the new year. It was a pretty standard visit over there. Hung out, joked around, and I got to play Trickster some. (I've a level 22 Cat now.) The big difference would be that I got to watch the test-run premiere of Identity. I found it quite interesting, and I think Penn Jillette (akf Penn and Teller) did a great job. I find it interesting how NBC is finding all the showbiz people that we've heard nothing about for a while and giving them game show hosting jobs. :P

The 19th...same ol' boring kinda day. Let's keep going.

Read on (Dec 20, Dec 22, Dec 24-Xmas)
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