Minor Template Update

It appears as though Uptime-Project is CLOSING FOREVER!!1!oneZOMG at the end of the month. Therefore, I've taken down the Uptime-Project image (which wasn't being updated anyway).

Quite a shame, really... In the past five years, U-P has logged over 10,000 years' worth of computer activity. I'll try to visit the site once more just before it closes, to get an exact number.

This being a minor update, it has no quote. Therefore, there is no spoon. (Wait, that's a quote from The Matrix. Dang it.)

The Twili

Short update first: That whole thing about my friend and Twokinds? Really blown out of proportion, especially on my end. I caught up with the storyline, and everything resumed just fine. (For what I can see.)

So... I've finished Twilight Princess. Beautiful game. Scenic environments. Dramatic story. Climactic end sequence. Cinematic final battle.

Surprisingly gorgeous Princess of Twilight. (Play and finish the game (or just check out the article), you'll see. :3)

Yet again do I feel the sad (yet temporary) emptiness of finishing such a deep game as Twilight Princess. However, it's good to know that there's still much to do; from my last save point, I can easily backtrack to the full game world, and search for missing bugs, Poes, and Heart Pieces, as well as upgrade all of my equipment to the maximum capacity, and face the deadly Cave of Ordeals. (If you've played Paper Mario 2, it is comparable to the Pit of 100 Trials.) I'll probably do these once I get my own place and TV again, though.

So lately, I've been bugged to find jobs. (Nothing new here.) So far, I'm pending with Virtual-Agent Services in St.-Louis (blarg), noticed by Rogers in Moncton (for Internet customer service or tech support...meh), and sent off a resume to Spielo, through Dave (somewhat closer to my degree). Likely, *one* of these will pick me up.

However, interestingly, I've been invited over to Gina's in Dartmouth; mostly because she wishes to see me once more before moving to Alberta, but also to point out a few jobs in the area, and to introduce me to the two people she lives with at the moment, and see if I would be "able" to live with them. This, I would like; I could use the time away from this place, that's for sure. Main problem, of course, would be transportation, but this may be arranged if the plans follow through.

Here at home, I'm currently writing code to play the French card game of Mille Bornes...again. This is my third rewrite of the game; however, I keep coming up with freaky new ideas to make the code more readable and manageable. My Games Bot currently supports Mille Bornes v.2, Uno, and my dice game, Zero-D. Once I get this rewrite done, finish adding Uno variants, and add the ability to configure the bot, it shall be released as 1.0 on The Show.

On a final note, I notice I have a few more readers for Dysfunctionaliblog. Now, I don't know if there are people (other than friends) who check this blog regularly for updates, but I do know that people now look at my blog almost every day, now. Oddly enough, this also has proven to be a pageview booster for The Show; why this is, I don't know, as I don't update the darn thing that often anymore. I really should...but I guess it's not quite as easy as posting to a blog, when you're coding the entire page yourself.

Houba, what a long post. So, until next time, live long and...uh...stuff.

"Well? ...Say something! Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?" -- Midna, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


The Comic

First, I'd like to mention, I've opened *another* new blog, "'Cause I Thought So". Not only is it on the sidebar, but the five last posts all have direct links to them, way down at the bottom there. This new blog will be for musings and stuff.

Anyway... I'm pretty much feeling bad about today... In IRC today, the webcomic Twokinds was mentioned. Soon after, an important plot point about the lead female character was spoiled to me unintentionally. Now, at this point in time, I've since been told that this point is still in "rumour" phase. Regardless, this is a supposition I would've liked to develop by myself.

I immediately left the channel in question and went for a walk to try to calm myself down. (Quite balmy weather; looks like Shubenacadie Sam says "Early Spring" this year.) Regardless, upon my return, all I could do is ask (rudely) if they were done talking about this storyline.

I later learned that I had (though inadvertently) hurt this person's feelings, which is the last thing I ever want to do to someone I care about. It happened with Amy, and now it's happening again. When will it end?

So, yeah... I'm feeling mighty low.

Oh, and...before you click on that link to Wiki's Twokinds article... It has spoilers, too. I managed to avoid those, however. I'll make an exception to the new Wiki Policy this once.

No quote. (Yes, again. I'll start finding some when things pick up.)