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First, I'd like to mention, I've opened *another* new blog, "'Cause I Thought So". Not only is it on the sidebar, but the five last posts all have direct links to them, way down at the bottom there. This new blog will be for musings and stuff.

Anyway... I'm pretty much feeling bad about today... In IRC today, the webcomic Twokinds was mentioned. Soon after, an important plot point about the lead female character was spoiled to me unintentionally. Now, at this point in time, I've since been told that this point is still in "rumour" phase. Regardless, this is a supposition I would've liked to develop by myself.

I immediately left the channel in question and went for a walk to try to calm myself down. (Quite balmy weather; looks like Shubenacadie Sam says "Early Spring" this year.) Regardless, upon my return, all I could do is ask (rudely) if they were done talking about this storyline.

I later learned that I had (though inadvertently) hurt this person's feelings, which is the last thing I ever want to do to someone I care about. It happened with Amy, and now it's happening again. When will it end?

So, yeah... I'm feeling mighty low.

Oh, and...before you click on that link to Wiki's Twokinds article... It has spoilers, too. I managed to avoid those, however. I'll make an exception to the new Wiki Policy this once.

No quote. (Yes, again. I'll start finding some when things pick up.)

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