The Lost Plan

The first post said that I was keeping a post-naming convention like the episodes in Seinfeld were... Well, nobody said that it was only one word after "The". Several eps from Seinfeld had more than "The" and one word. So, there we go.

I realize it's been a while since I last posted... As per the rules of Bestest Blog, I'm probably out of rotation now... Blah...

So I've been working at that call centre... Hating it... And I've also been planning a way out. This included my friend Gina.

On my "0th" day of work (the day before the first), my dad decided to tell me that, should I lose or quit my job for any reason, he would be throwing me out. I immediately decided to come up with a contingency plan for this. I talked to Gina, and she said I'd have a place to stay in Nova Scotia. I then started planning to go down there anyway, as I am sick of living here and dealing with this man.

Eventually, I was told that Gina would be moving to Alberta sooner than expected. (She was originally leaving in June or July, after Anthrocon '07, and now, after deciding for financial reasons against going, is moving out in April.) I was told that arrangements would be made so that I'd have somewhere to stay if I wanted to come along. I eventually decided that I would.

However, it would seem that no arrangements were made. We (Gina and I) talked to the guy at the place we'd be staying, who *today* told us that there is no room for me, and probably wouldn't be for as much as three months. So not only am I stuck here, but THEY (my parents) are making me move to St-Louis so I would be closer to my work and not need a drive as much, or at least as far.

This apartment is completely unfurnished. Not even so much as a frickin' bed. And I'm supposed to live in it. And pay rent. Waste money on a place I don't want to be in in the least. There's nothing I can do in the meantime, other than apply at other places, and probably have to pay rent there, too. I'm tired of living a life that's being governed by everyone *but* me. All I can do is wait for an opportunity that keeps flying away.