The Price

The time has come for us to meet: A new host on The Price is Right...come on down!

So, unfortunately, Bob Barker has retired from TPiR, having hosted for the last 35 years without fail, and previously, Truth or Consequences for 15 there. We might see him again for a while this September if they can't find a new host by then, but there will invariably be a new host. So, here are the current options.

George Hamilton. Well, it would fit in with the host of TPiR single-handedly increasing the average game show hosts' age. But after watching him get "toasted" with Ritz Chips, I grow annoyed of him. :P

Mark Steines. Current host of Entertainment Tonight, he's already received a fair amount of exposure on TV. However, there are different breeds of TV hosts; I think Steines should keep to infotainment.

Todd Newton. My favourite so far. He's hosted Hollywood Showdown as well as Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck on GSN, and he's proven to the world that he can be a wonderful host. Newton, for TPiR, will ensure a bright future.

Rosie O'Donnell. Oh, God no. Now, I have nothing against her personally, but fact is, she's just not serious enough to host the show. She acts too ridiculously on TV, and I also find she's too loud to be a game show host. (Never thought I'd say *that*.) I think O'Donnell would be TPiR's bane, sorry to say.

Auditions for new hosts are still running, so it might not be any of these four. Too bad I can't be the host. I think I'd do it fairly well.

Well, may as well update on myself while I'm at it. So, I'm still working at the call centre. They've switched me from hotels to roadside assistance and gift cards, which I hate even more than hotels. I'm hoping to find a way out of this place *very* soon. I'm pretty sure this place is having an adverse effect on my health.

Recently picked up a game called "Super Paper Mario"...perhaps some of you have heard of it. It's the third installment of the Paper Mario series; however, this one is not an RPG. It is a 2D platformer which is a 3D platformer. Yes, you heard me. For the most part, you play in 2D; however, sometimes you are required to "flip" into 3D using Mario's special ability to do so in this game. Talk about adding a new dimension to platformer games.

I've also taken up playing Puzzle Pirates. I've racked up a fair amount of experience in the games contained therein, including a very scary experience last night, involving the largest threat in the entire game, which shows up when you pick on ships weaker than yours too much. That was unpleasant. But the rest of the game is fun. Check it out; my name is Kewkew and you can find me most nights on Viridian ocean.

So, that's about it for now.

"HERE IT COMES! From the Bob Barker studio at CBS in Hollywood, television's most exciting hour of fantasic prizes; the fabulous sixty-minute Price Is Right!" -- Rod Roddy (until 2003), Rich Fields (since 2004)