The Fox

What d'you mean, I haven't posted since June?

...oh, yeah. I guess I haven't. Well, not much has happened since then, except recently: I'm in LOOOOOOVE! (again. :P)

Her name is Katie, and she's a fox. Like...really, a fur. A good start, I must say. And darned if she's not playful, too. We've spent pretty much every night for a good while playing various games, both with others and just between each other. Mostly WarCraft 3 and Battle of Wesnoth, but I did teach her how to play Uno.

I guess that one of the biggest issues is that, once again, she's in the US, while I'm up here in Canada. She does intend to move up here, funds ever permitting, and I hope to be able to help her out in that endeavour. But she's lots of fun, very affectionate, and just generally very warm. I'm definitely happy with her, and I make her happy as well, so that makes it even better. So, "LETS TRY FOR LONG RUN !!"

Now, she also pointed out that my blog is fairly riddled with large gaps. I guess I didn't really write it in a way for it to be read from start to end. :P So, if anyone has any questions about the outcome or continuation of any of my posts, do feel free to comment and ask about it. ^^

"Love isn't blind; it just only sees what matters." -- William Curry