The Panic Button

Oh my dear my soul my poor little man, Kewlio's posting to his blog again. I bet you all thought I was lost in space or something. Well, fact is, between the time that I last posted and the time I'm posting now, very little happened that was of enough interest to post about. Quick recap:

In May, I took another vacation in Halifax, and hung out with my friends Sally, Robin, and Gina. Saw some places that I hadn't seen before. Went to the casino, and lost $20 on Blackjack. I cut my losses at that point. XD

Around July, they merged everyone at work into the same room. Since then, I've increasingly gained interest in a fellow coworker, and at this point, I have a huge crush on her. I've been trying to ask her out recently, but the holidays aren't the best time; way too busy.

During all this time, I've built myself a new computer...and built some for others as well! It's quite fun to customize your own system, and have it look and act like you want it to, rather than be stuck with the same case and logo on it as everyone else.

Now...oy. I don't want to be working at that stupid call centre at all. Way too stressful. However, the prospect of being forced to leave is way *more* stressful. Because of the fact that the call centre I work at is based out of the US, and because of GWB and all that, they're facing a huge economic depression, there are going to be some layoffs. D:

This is phase one of the cutback plan. People are being asked if they *want* a decrease in hours, or to receive a layoff. I refused, as did almost everyone...but the aforementioned girl I like accepted it. *sigh* Starting to seem like I'm not meant to have a girlfriend or something.

Needless to say, everybody is worried about everything. My main worry is whether I'll be keeping my 40 hours, and whether or not I'll be keeping my precious second-shift position (3:30 PM to midnight), or be thrown onto a day-night rotation, which would *seriously* screw me up. So yeah, really nervous about what happens next...

From the looks of it, one way or another, there's gonna be some reason to post for a while. I'll let you all know what's going on, then.

"My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there." -- Charles F. Kettering


The Call for Attention

Why doesn't anyone poke me to update this thing?! XD

Someone remind me to update my blog. Can't right now, as I'm going to bed. :P


The Long-Overdue Update

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. I am Kewlio, and I will be your Kewlio for this evening. *checks his watch* Morning. *checks it again* Erm, whatever.

Anyway, I suppose I owe everyone who bothers to check on me an update. So all two of you, gather 'round.

First and foremost, unfortunately, the relationship you see below didn't go so well. Suffice it to say, sometimes, different mentalities and mindsets just don't sync up all the time, and may end up having a bit of a crash and burn effect.

In December, I finally got my first work vacation (hopefully, won't have many of these...the more I have, the more time I've wasted at that hellhole workplace), wherein I went down to Halifax to visit my friend Sally down there. She and her fiancé Robin seem to be doing well. Their apartment, though rather messy, was quite cozy, and its residents, highly hospitable. Most of my stay, we ended up watching anime and playing video games and stuff until the sun came up, and a little beyond. It kind of busted up my sleep schedule, but I got that all fixed up within a week of getting back to reality. A breath of fresh air, anyway...though some other friends felt left out, which I kind of regretted :(

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