The Long-Overdue Update

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. I am Kewlio, and I will be your Kewlio for this evening. *checks his watch* Morning. *checks it again* Erm, whatever.

Anyway, I suppose I owe everyone who bothers to check on me an update. So all two of you, gather 'round.

First and foremost, unfortunately, the relationship you see below didn't go so well. Suffice it to say, sometimes, different mentalities and mindsets just don't sync up all the time, and may end up having a bit of a crash and burn effect.

In December, I finally got my first work vacation (hopefully, won't have many of these...the more I have, the more time I've wasted at that hellhole workplace), wherein I went down to Halifax to visit my friend Sally down there. She and her fiancé Robin seem to be doing well. Their apartment, though rather messy, was quite cozy, and its residents, highly hospitable. Most of my stay, we ended up watching anime and playing video games and stuff until the sun came up, and a little beyond. It kind of busted up my sleep schedule, but I got that all fixed up within a week of getting back to reality. A breath of fresh air, anyway...though some other friends felt left out, which I kind of regretted :(

Read on (New game experiences)
"Whaddaya mean, 'invalid parameters'?! 9,000 gigs of RAM and it can't answer a simple question!" -- Earthworm Jim

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