The Answer

I see some comments in the shoutbox asking if Webfroot Shoutbox has been updated at some point.

Answer: I really don't know. Fact is, I don't even use Webfroot anymore. Not for some time, actually. I'm using TimePiece, which is my own creation, and haven't updated in a long, long time. XD It doesn't even have an administration backend, so I can't really distribute it at all.

Just posting this answer today. I should really get to posting another entry soon...


The Downfall

Hm, so what might this be a downfall of? Did I get hours cut? Did I get laid off? Did I not get laid at all?

The answer, my friends, is the latter. :P The layoff scare was just a scare. Nobody got sent home, and very few people lost hours, myself not included. I'm still working the same hours on the same rotation.

Right now, I'm referring to that girl I was interested in. I tried asking her out a few times, but she kept right on refusing. I finally asked her why the hell she won't go out with me. As friends, she told me she's constantly busy. That I find hard to believe, as she does go out with her girl friends *specifically* on days that we both have off. As more, and as I expected, she played the "age" card (for the fact that she's ten years older than me...bah), and also said that she just doesn't feel anything. Well, she could've given it *one* try. >:/

So here I am, still single, still with a stressful job. Which is apparently getting on people's nerves in my guild in Mabinogi. My guild leader recently told me that I "exude depression". That's nice, isn't it? He doesn't seem to think anyone but a choice few are good enough. Seriously, when he started this guild, he was a cool guy. I don't know what's come over him. Hopefully, it's just SAD and it'll go away when spring comes around. If not, I might want to take a look at other games x.x

Anyway, it's nearly time for work, so I gotta go.

"Drosselmeier had unwittingly exposed himself to an overdose of reality, and it had destroyed his reason." -- Angela Carter